Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bye Bye Dear Wife

The Boss leaves Sunday for back home. Right now she plans to be gone until the end of July or early August. So, for the next 4 to 5 months, it's just me and the dogs.. and Daughter #1, our 17 year old princess who, although she claims to live here, I never see. I actually think she sends trolls in during the night to tousle her bed covers and use all the hot water..

Back home is Northern Manitoba Canada, so while I am here in the deep south hiding from the near perfect vertical alignment to the sun, she will be doing battle with Manitoba's Provincial Bird.. The Mosquito..

Back home is a small fishing town on the shores of Lake Winnipeg. 2,500 residents live there year round, and thanks to Facebook, each of them are looking forward to her visit. Facebook polls is 96% positive on her return. Only 23% are willing to have me back any time soon.. Those that voted in favor were two bar owners, the gas station guy, the liquor control commission manager, and Crazy Louie who used to steal my empty beer cans from the porch.. I kinda miss the place, so hopefully I can make it up there this summer for a week or two.

The Boss's youngest son is graduating this year. Along with the Genius, Daughter #2, Boss's oldest Boy, and both our ex-spouses are eagerly awaiting her return. Daughter #2 and the Genius were with us here until two years ago, but both wanted to return to Canada to finish school. The ex-spouses are looking forward to the visit with high hopes that the kids will be returning to the U.S. with us at the end of summer..

I asked the Boss yesterday if she was going to miss us while she is gone. She mumbled something as she walked towards The Princess suite to make the bed the trolls messed up. Later, she came back into the room with a tear in her eye and her arms out stretched in a hug-me pose. I stood up to comfort her, but she passed right by on the way to the couch where she proceeded to love on the hounds.. "OH..My dogs!! I'm going to miss you sooo much.. Be good for Daddy!"

I'm going to miss her.. but, we have been apart before for long periods due to the transient nature of my work. I AM looking forward to having 2 or 3 more inches of bed space, since the hounds allow us both to sleep with them at night.

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