Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Promotion

Long before dawn's crack had even begun to peek above the belt-line of life, The Boss boarded the plane that would take her North, mere inches from the arctic circle on our desk globe. With a wave, a tear, and the roar of a jet engine, I was instantly promoted from a laborer in Grounds and Facilities Maintenance to Interim Managing Director and Acting CFO. For the first time in a long while I returned from the airport to an empty home. Empty that is except for the three bouncy hounds, as happy to see me after an hour's absence as they would be had I been gone for days..

Managing Director has many responsibilities and is not a job to be taken lightly. There are many important decisions that need to be made, and the chore now rests squarely on my shoulders. This is my chance to shine, or, an impending disaster so great the story will be passed down through the family tree for generations to come. Each decision has an affect on the next, so all options are to be weighed carefully prior to action..

First order of business.. rearrange the furniture. While it may LOOK comfortable, the livingroom furniture is arranged to allow easy conversation between parties, my easy chair is not planted perfectly square to the TV, and this definitely needs remedy. Couch, loveseat, wingback chair and ottoman all to the garage along with various tables and nick nacks. The living room furnishings now consist of my recliner (planted squarely in front of the big screen), three dog beds, my prized work of art which depicts dogs playing poker I had to retrieve from the attic, and the fully stocked bar fridge from the basement used as an end table to rest the lamp on. Perfect..

Making these important decisions alone is going to take some getting used to. While I was carrying out various pieces of The Boss's livingroom suite, I half expected her to walk in and catch me in the act. This, I can assure you would not have been a pleasant experience and the actions were carried out nervously, but once done and quite proud of the results, I settled in for a long day of relaxation and sports viewing.

As I opened my first beer from the fridge/table, locked the recliner into full sloth mode, and fired up the big screen, the quiet of the house started to creep in. "So Mickey, what should we watch today?" I ask our old Grey girl. BLINK.. BLINK.. "Cy, what do you think? Nascar? ESPN?" BLINK.. HEADTILT.. HEADTILT.. GROAN..

I can see these dogs are going to be absolutely no help with the decisions around here. Hopefully later, I can catch some of The Princess's trolls and pass a few ideas off of them.

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