Sunday, August 29, 2010

No Problemo

Well I think we've settled into a routine. Apart from the horribly failed experiment of placing eggs in the dishwasher at night, thinking I would have nice hard boiled eggs in the morning, things are going pretty smoothly. (Blog Note: The egg in the dishwasher thing may sound brilliant, but I assure you it's not).

Up every morning, dogs out and fed, cold crippling Troll torture, and off to work. I've been slipping home at noon to check on the hounds the past few days because I worry about them, but they have been perfect. After work it's a nice meal for one, being careful to leave The Princess something. Every morning the food I leave for The Princess is gone and the plate is rinsed, which always reminds me of those cookies left for Santa in my Black and White TV days... Mysteriously gone, and surely enjoyed.

I have started to pick up little extra projects to keep myself occupied. With out The Boss, things get a little quiet. Getting baked on egg out of the interior of the dishwasher was a good one, as was unblocking the beta fish gravel from the kitchen sink drain (that's a whole other story). Yesterday a new project presented itself, and I look forward to starting on it as soon as I return from work.. Turning pink shirts, undies and towels back to their former brilliant white.

I really think I'm getting the hang of this..

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