Sunday, August 29, 2010

It Only Hurts When I do This

Something happened to me awhile back that I thought would never happen. I was involved in a traffic collision.

It’s not like I have never had an accident before, but all my previous collisions were drunken late-night single vehicle wrecks that involved large stationary objects such as power poles, light standards, a garage (and the car inside), and a 25 foot cement chicken. In all my years of driving, I have never been involved in a collision with another (moving) vehicle. All things taken into account, I consider myself a good and safe driver when I am sober and I never really expected to be in a multi-car accident.

While sitting at a red light, out of nowhere a young girl while talking on her cell phone and traveling twice the posted speed limit, blows a red light. She was traveling in the opposite direction, but as she barreled into the intersection she T-boned some poor guy driving a shoebox, bounced off of him, careened over to our side of the road and plowed head-on into my beloved Hemi powered Dodge Hound Mobile.

She was traveling so fast, that she pushed my truck off the roadway and into a guardrail which proceeded to wrap itself around the other side of the vehicle, literally adding insult to injury. We both came to rest with the nose of her piece of junk Crown Victoria stuffed into what used to be the large shining chrome grill of my Dodge, the Hemi hissing, squirting, and puking vital fluids onto the asphalt, groaning in pain and making a valiant effort to continue to serve me well under very difficult circumstances.

As the tire smoke and Hemi spray cleared, I looked over at the shoebox and watched it’s driver extricate himself from the crumpled wreck. It reminded me of a fat fly fisherman slipping off a pair of too tight rain slicks. I sadly turned the key and mercifully put my baby to sleep for eternity. I was a bit banged up but other wise OK and able to exit my vehicle using the doors. She, unbelievably was still on the phone when she got out of her Hemi killing death rocket, and remarkably, unscathed. I’m not clear that she even missed a sentence in her conversation, and proceeded to talk on the phone until the police showed up.

The police took statements, checked for valid Driver’s licenses, which surprisingly she didn’t have, and asked us all for proof of insurance. Although she produced proof of insurance at the scene, after trying for two days to contact her insurance company I discovered that her policy had been canceled.

I was informed later that my dear Dodge was a total loss. 

I loved my truck. This was the first vehicle I had ever purchased new. It was fully loaded with leather, Infinity sound, hands-on controls, power and heated seats, power and heated mirrors, it even had power adjusting foot pedals. I’ve had this vehicle since new, and it has never given me a hint of trouble. Sadly, because the cellphone talking girl who murdered my dearly beloved works at a local fast food fish store and had no insurance, I was not able to replace my dear Durango and settled on a used trailblazer. It’s nice, but it just isn’t the same..

I still miss my baby, but I know she has gone to a better place and now drives the smooth and uncongested highways in the sky, with unlimited high test fuel and no traffic lights..

Recently they passed a law that bans talking on a cellphone while driving, much too late to save my sweet love. I wonder if someone who drives with no license and no insurance would obey this law?

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